Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Transformers 4 & 5 May Film Back to Back

According to Showblitz.com, Transformers 4 and 5 may film back to back.  Having films being shot back to back saves a lot of money in the movie making industry.  It allows cast and crew negotiations to only happen once, instead before each individual movie.  It is being said that Ehren Kruger has an idea for TF4 that the studio likes as well.  Having the movies shot back to back might have a good affect on the story as well, since the story for TF5 would have to be known while TF4 is in production.  After TF1 and again after TF2, a new story needed to be thought of that connected with the one before it.  In this case of filming back to back, it won't be a problem.  The Jason Statham rumors have started up once again, since Shia is still considered out.  I really hope Statham is not included in the main cast, because I don't think he will fit in the Transformers franchise.
I do hope that TF4 happens soon, since I was not able to cover the filming from TF3.  I started this blog in April, so that was something I missed out on.

Photo from TF4 Unofficial Facebook

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  1. Can we explore and enable the entire transformer universe in the next two films?


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