Sunday, October 2, 2011

DOTM Slowly Arriving at #4

As of Friday, Dark of the Moon is only about $350,000 away from taking 4th place on the all time box office list.  I hear that there are some countries in Europe that will be getting TF3 re-released in IMAX 3D as well, so that will certainly help out.  A lot of people are trying to help DOTM get to number four.  I admire Flyingheart from the S4TE forum, who is going to buy 5 tickets to see DOTM by himself.  He will be moving back and forth between seats throughout the movie.

Also, for people reading this outide of North America, I have home release date news for you:
Italy- October 19th
Japan- October 22nd
France- November 2nd
Germany- November 3rd
Australia- November 10th
United Kingdom- November 28th

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