Monday, September 5, 2011

DOTM The Novel Excerpt

This would have been an amazing scene in TF3.  It probably would have redeemed the Twins.  Too bad it was left out.

"There had never been a moment when the motor-mouthed Autobot named Mudflap had been at a loss for words. Under ordinary circumstances, Sam would expected him to say something like "Oh, no you did-unt! Oh NO you DID-UNT! Uh uh! You in it now!" He said nothing like that. Perhaps it was because of the psychic link that he shared with his twin so that he had actually felt Skids die. Perhaps it was because of the betrayal of a warrior they revealed above all others, like finding out the Archangel Michael was on Satan's payroll. Whatever the reason, Mudflap didn't react the way Sam would have expected. Instead he howled. It was a primal agony, torn from the individual bit of Spark that powered all the Autobots. It was the most horrible thing Sam Witwicky had ever heard, and he recognized it for what it was: the sound of a soul dying. And then it escalated into a war cry of undiluted fury."

-Transformers Dark of the Moon, the novelization

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