Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bay to Return?


Now that "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is approaching the $500 million mark in just eight days, Paramount Pictures has been talking about continuing the franchise, instead of rebooting it.

When the first "Transformers" hit theaters, director Michael Bay revealed that he'll direct as many installments as fans want. But lately he's been claiming that he's done with the franchise.

But during a recent screening, Bay didn't sound very confidant that he won't be returning. "This is bittersweet because this is PROBABLY the last one for me," he said. When the crowd seemed disappointed, the helmer added: "Last night it opened in America and did somewhere like $50 million dollars. Now in movie speak, $50 million in one day, on a Wednesday, that's freaking awesome. So..."

Sounds like if Paramount throws enough money at him and gives him some time to work on "Pain and Gain," he would be willing to return.

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