Friday, April 15, 2011

Trailer Dates!

Michael Bay has stated on his forums two official trailer dates for Transformers.  The first one will come out with Fast Five on April 21 and the second with Pirates of the Caribbean on May 20.  The trailer coming out on May 20 will be in 3D.

"The post process is going very well - way better then ROTF. We have massive shots but we got going 6 months earlier on this film then the last. We jump very hard and fast on post in this film.

It really is looking special. The 3D will the best 3D of any movie this year.


Our trailer comes out next week on Fast and a bunch of other stuff. 3D trailer comes out on the next 3D movie out which is Pirates."

UPDATE: Fast Five comes out in Australia and the UK before the US, so expect the trailer to be on the internet on April 21.  The US release of the film is April 29.

UPDATE #2: Nelson has stated on Michael Bay's forums that the next trailer will be released on Apple Trailers on April 28th at 7pm, one day before the release of Fast Five for the US.  Although, he later commented, "I could be wrong." So right now there is much confusion with the day the trailer is released.

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