Saturday, April 16, 2011

Michael Bay Interview

More details about the plot of DOTM have risen thanks to an interview with Michael Bay yesterday.  Here is a part of the interview: SPOILERS!!

“There’s a scene where she’s kidnapped and they go to Chicago, which they find at morning it’s been obliterated and surrounded by alien ships, and they’re kind of…he’s taking a small little group in to try to get her back. Then there’s the group of guys trying to come in and join some of our heroes on the ground. They’re kind of doing a conversion…they’re trying to sneak in low. They try to put some air power over here to distract the ships. There’s a scene where they’ve got some new robot tech…there’s like a cute character in the movie, a transformer, an autobot, and he’s invented this device, alien in nature, he’s given it to Shia. He gives him two things, like a stick bomb and this kind of grapple glove thing. And then we go to…there’s a section in a building where they’ve gone in and broken… a lot of buildings have been broken and shot up.”

See the rest at: Slash Film


  1. Hey! I got ur comment! It stinks how something turn out bad! But atleast well get a trailer! And I voted 5-great on your poll!:)

  2. Yea, we'll get it eventually! And thanks for the vote!


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