Monday, June 23, 2014

Beijing Pangu Back on Board After TF4 Fallout

After attempting to sue Transformers: Age of Extinction's Chinese partners for breach of contract, things have been cleared up and the investment company is back on board with the film. News broke out a couple days ago that Beijing Pangu terminated its contract and wanted all the scenes that involved its Pangu Plaza Hotel removed from the film. If the scenes were not removed, they were prepared to not release the film at all in China, which would have tremendously hurt TF4's international box office gross. This craziness, of course, was coming just days before the film's release. Initial reports stated that the company was suing Paramount Pictures for not including the hotel enough in the movie, but a day later, reports clarified that the lawsuit was only against the Chinese partners, who apparently without Paramount's knowledge, promised that the hotel would hold the world premiere of the movie as well as be able to have an 8 month long Age of Extinction exhibit. Earlier today, a Paramount spokesman confirmed that a deal had been reached and the film will continue to a normal Chinese release as planned. According to a statement from Pangu, "After friendly consultations, the two sides have achieved mutual trust, and reached an understanding."  Director Michael Bay was also quoted saying, "Working with Pangu was fantastic and I want to put all this misunderstanding aside." 

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