Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Toy Fair Roundup, Video Game and More

I'm finally back after a short absence and I have a lot of news for you guys. As far as Toy Fair stuff, I'm just going to post the interesting photos at the bottom and just let you guys look everything over at your own will rather than go in depth with everything. In other news, the Age of Extinction video game has been set to release on June 24th, although this will be a bit different than past movie games. It is somehow going to be a crossover between AOE and the Cybertron game universe. It will be available on all major platforms (including PC) and Escalation will have 40 playable characters. The game will be developed by Edge of Reality and not High Moon Studios.

Another interesting thing to note is a theater cup promotion for Age of Extinction. Select theaters will have AOE limited edition soda cups with keychains on the top.

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  1. Thanks for the photos. I like the throwback look of Optimus.


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