Saturday, December 7, 2013

Trailer News, Leaked Toys, Plot and More!

I'm back! After a tiring last couple of weeks I'm back with a ton of big news. First of all, we have some new still which include Nicola Peltz and an unknown Transformer being acted out by Michael Bay, Wahlberg and Reynor by Bumblebee, the Autobots approaching a destroyed car and more. You can see them at the bottom of this post.

Secondly, we have some more information about the plot and story of the film. As a bit of minor news, the characters names have been confirmed as Cade (Wahlberg) and Tessa Teager (Peltz) and Shane Dyson (Reynor). Empire magazine gave a brief plot rundown you can see below. Skip it if you don't want any spoilers about the storyline.

Earth is scarred by the events of the past three movies, but is moving on after all the giant robots disappeared. Cade Yeager, an inventor, discovers a buried Transformer which sets the stage for the return of the rest of the Transformers.

Next we have some leaked toy images. The first is of Optimus Prime that differs slightly from the one that was previously seen. The others include Bumblebee, Hound (now confirmed as the bearded guy we saw in Detroit) and Swoop/Strafe who seems to have two heads in Dinobot mode. (Photos at bottom)

Steve Aoki, who collaborated with Linkin Park on their last album is rumored to be working on the Transformers 4 soundtrack after sending out an interesting tweet:

Michael Bay recently did an interview with IGN in which he said that Age of Extinction will be much more cinematic and have no goofiness, unlike the previous trilogy:

In the 4th installment of the live action Transformers series, Bay states this film will be "much more cinematic" and "won't [have] any goofiness." This is followed up with describing star actor Mark Wahlberg's character as a "wacky inventor." 

Bay also went on to say that Transformers: The Ride and the excitement around it was what made him return for a fourth go at Transformers and in another interview, he voiced that he has not ruled out returning for Transformers 5.

The first Transformers footage release date has been confirmed, although that is a bit of bad news. Our first look will be a 30 second spot during the 2014 Super Bowl. A teaser trailer will come shortly after, according to Michael Bay on his website.

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