Sunday, July 14, 2013

TF4 Rumors and Speculation

It's time to catch up on the recent news from yesterday and the day before. Well, it's not really news, but more like rumors. First of all, the China set in Detroit is looking more and more like China, but the really interesting thing is the giant blue object. The color indicated that it will be substituted for some CGI and it's there just to make things easier on the actors. What could this thing be is a big question. My guess is some type of ship, but I honestly really have no idea.

Secondly, I have word from an anonymous person who had a conversation with Transformers 4 crew members that were transporting the cars that the Bugatti's name is Drift, like previously rumored, and the Corvette is Sunstreaker (previously rumored to be Slingshot). They did tell me that the names are not finalized but it seems like those will most likely be the names.

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