Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TF4 Detroit Images and Info

Tonyformer of TFW2005 has posted some photos of what he saw under construction for Transformers 4 in Detroit, Michigan. Apparently, the set will be representing part of China and a major battle is supposed to take place there. Here is some info that Tonyformer was able to gather:

"I talked to a woman on set who was kind enough to actually step out and answer a few questions of mine without giving anything super major away. I REALLY tried to get some detailed info out of her but she was VERY picky about what she was willing to tell me.

She did give me her name (or at least a name) but regardless if the name she gave me was real or not, I will not share it as I do not want to get ANYONE into any trouble.

With that said, I was told that the set will indeed sub as "Somewhere" in China. She did not or would not give me an exact city name. She did however say that the set will be comprised of around 6 to 7 standing structures that will be of an older Chines design and around 4 or 5 destroyed buildings that will have crushed in walls and so on. There will be piles of debris and this set will be part of a "Major" battle scene.

I asked her if she could elaborate any and was told that there would be "many" Transformers "good and bad" involved as well as humans fighting. She also said that there would be a few particularly "larger" Transformers that will crash through buildings while fighting each other.

I asked her if that meant like large human looking Transformers or more animal looking and she said, "All I can say it maybe both" with a smile.

So with that being asked, I asked her if she could tell me anything else and all she would tell me is this movie will blow all the others out of the water and will be darker than the last. And than said this particular set will be filmed on in July."

Also, Parker R. who lives around the filming area hears that they will film a car chase involving a train at the sign location in Granger, Texas on the evening of June 12th.

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