Saturday, June 8, 2013

RUMOR: Megan Fox in TF4?

This is a RUMOR. Do not take what follows as a fact!
So I was browsing through Instagram today and happened to notice that the official Paramount Pictures profile posted a photo of the new Lamborghini. Under it was an explanation of what it was along with some hashtags: #MarkWahlberg, #MichaelBay.... and #MeganFox. Thinking it was a mistake, I made it known on Michael Bay's official forums. The admin Nelson mistunderstood me and claimed that it was a fake tweet. When board member starscream1017 corrected him saying it was on Instagram, not Twitter, Nelson replied, "My bad. Someone's in trouble. It's gonna be a long week." This sort of leads me to believe that Megan Fox has joined the cast, but it was not supposed to be revealed yet. I repeat, this is purely a rumor and speculation. It is not a fact. What do you think about this though? Comment below!
UPDATE: Paramount has removed the image from Instagram.


  1. I wish she could re turned in Tf4 she is a really good actor movie

  2. from what i heard she signed on for tf2 and walked off set to do a different movie i wouldn't take her back


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