Sunday, November 25, 2012

Transformers News Catch Up

Hey, Transformers fans! I'm back from my vacation with some catch up news for you. Nothing major has happened in the last week, but here's a few small pieces of news:

First off, the season 2 of Transformers Prime box set was released on Tuesday. The set features episodes from "Orion Pax" to the season finale, "Darkest Hour". I'm assuming that a Blu-Ray will be hitting store shelves eventually as well.

Next, if you signed up for the Transformers Universe closed beta testing, they are sending out surveys through email to ask about the specifications of your computer:
"The time has come commander, heed this call to arms and take your next step towards participation in the closed BETA program.
In order to be eligible to take part in the closed BETA, we need some additional information. Please click on the link below to complete a brief survey and provide some information about your computers specifications.
This information is needed in order to check closed BETA eligibility and to allow us to ensure we get the widest range of people testing Transformers Universe. This data will only be used by the Transformers team and will not be shared with any third parties."

Lastly, Transformers Prime will begin airing on the CW's Vortexx block on December 8th. No time slot information has been released, but Vortexx is the CW's Saturday morning cartoon block, so Prime episodes will be airing sometime on Saturday mornings.

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