Monday, November 7, 2011

Transformers Huge News Catch Up

I apologize for my recent absense due to a schoolwork overload. I have a many pieces of news for you Transformers fans:
First of all, a Transformers Dark of the Moon Speed Stars Leadfoot has been spotted in some Target stores. I haven't heard much about these lately and they are definitely cool Transformers toys. It's a die cast car (like Hotwheels) and if you stand it up, there is a 3D-like design of the robot mode underneath the car.

Also, Paramount has contacted members of the Transformers Dark of the Moon movie visual effects team to see if they would be available to do a fourth Transformers film if the OK has been given. Paramount has also contacted Michael Bay regarding a return, but no further information is known about that to this point. Check out the interview with Scott Farrar, the visual effects supervisor from TF3, after the jump. While we're on the topic of TF4, there has been speculation that an announcement regarding the possible movie could come on Hasbro's Investors Day on Wednesday, but there has been no official word.

There is also a new commercial promoting the Transformers Prime Darkness Rising DVD release. (seems as if there is no Blu-Ray) It is due out on December 6th although the commercial says that it is available now. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Lastly (and very overdue), are the latest poll results. On the "How would you rate this blog" poll, 86% of you said 4 out of 4 and 13% said 3 out of 4 (Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!) On the "Whose death made you sad the most" poll, Ironhide took the victory with 74%. He was folllowed by Jazz (16%), Que/Wheeljack (6%) and Sentinel Prime (2%). Well, at least one of you felt sorry for Sentinel! :)

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