Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warpath Video Game Art

Hey everyone! I had a long day today making a webshow video with my friend. We do talk about Transformers at 2:10 and 9:24 if you're interested.  Just go to my channel to see the video.  Anyways, here is the new artwork of Warpath from the TF DOTM game.  He looks pretty awesome in the video game, but as you can probably tell, he won't be in the movie, just by looking at his design.  And remember to check out the forum on the page bar and suggest my Facebook page to your friends!

-Thanks, MV


  1. Hey dude. Awesome video! :) are you Mike or Marlee?

  2. oh yeah... and tell your friend I said hi! and great video!

  3. cool! i hope we get a clip of DOTM during the MTV movie awards!


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