Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are the Twins Really Not in TF3?

It sure looks like they are judging from this video.  I will let you guys know after I see the movie tonight.  I will also let you know about Dino/Mirage and Que/Wheeljack, what new transformers are in the movie we have not heard about and if Shockwave speaks or not.  I will post my full review of the movie tomorrow.  Head over to the Transformers DOTM News Facebook Page to watch the video.  I'm am very dissapointed right now.  If you look closely at Sideswipe, you can see the head of his driver dressed in a black body suit.  Hopefully those scenes were cut from the movie.Note: I will never post spoilers on the front page.  When I post them, you will have to click "Read more" to view them.
Update: YouTube video

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  1. at 0:33 during the explosion with the dreads you can see a long arm camera in the background


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