Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Fall of Cybertron Info

The staff got a chance to get some Fall of Cybertron news during the San Diego Comic Con and even got to play the game a little bit. I've put some highlights below and check out everything they had to say along with a bunch of in game screenshots here.

- The 13 chapters are not split into Autobot/Decepticon campaigns
- There are 3 acts. Autobot, Decepticon, then Autobot
- Camera is zoomed in a lot closer to character
- Jazz's level feels like a Spider-Man game. You use his grappling hook throughout the level
- Credits earned in campaign for use with Teletraan 1 do not transfer to multiplayer and vice versa
- Teletraan 1 addresses your specific character
- Dinobots and Insecticons will become available through DLC for multiplayer
- No more dropping weapons in multiplayer
- Host migration for multiplayer
- You can restart a level two times if you fail a certain escalation level
- Each player can have a different difficulty in escalation

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